• Bathroom remodels
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Kitchenettes and bars
  • Laundry hook-ups
  • Tub and shower conversions

New Construction

  • Drain waste and vent
  • Fixture installations
  • Gas lines and piping
  • Hot water heating systems
  • Residential construction
  • Water lines

Light Commercial

  • Tenant Finishes

About Ron Henrichsen

Ron Henrichsen, owner of Water Works Plumbing, LLC, is a third-generation Master Plumber with over 30 years of experience. He learned the trade from his father. Ron’s commitment to excellence led him to perform all of the work himself. When you call Water Works, Ron will be the one to show up at your door, not an apprentice or technician with far less expertise. He has a wide breadth of experience, including repairs, remodeling, new construction, light commercial, hot water heating systems, and gas piping.

Ron schedules appointments promptly and arrives when he says he will. Ron is conscientious, courteous and reliable, and is as respectful of customers’ property as he is of people. Ron does not “upsell” in any way; he discusses the customer’s budget and offers recommendations for the best product within budget to install.

Ron has been a Fort Collins resident since 1989. He lives with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. His hobbies include basketball, ice hockey, rowing, and hiking.


Ron has done various plumbing repairs and upgrades for us for several years. Each job was performed efficiently and without a problem.

He has installed a kitchen sink and faucet, upstairs and downstairs bathroom sinks, upstairs and downstairs low-volume flush toilets, an under-sink water filter, and a gas water heater. Ron also replaced an outdoor backyard spigot, which involved accessing a recessed valve (required by the city’s housing code to prevent freezing). We had a failed temperature control on the water heater that occurred a few months after installation; Ron responded quickly, identified the faulty part, and replaced it at no cost.

Other than the quality of his work, we like the fact that Ron does not “upsell” in any way. We ask for his recommendations, tell him what our price range is, and he finds a good product to install.

Jim L. ~ Fort Collins

For more than 8 years, Ron at Water Works Plumbing has provided superior service. I appreciate the time, effort and experience on several plumbing issues, including finishing an unfinished basement.

J. E. ~ Fort Collins

We’ve been pleased with Ron’s work on every job we’ve hired him to do and are happy to continue future business opportunities with him.

Sarah Imhoff, ASID Interior Designer, Owner Hixon Interiors ~ Fort Collins

I am pleased to write a testimonial for Ron of Water Works Plumbing! I have several properties and have hired Ron to problem-solve numerous plumbing situations over the years. Ron is conscientious, courteous and reliable – and is as respectful of property as he is of people! It is without question, that I recommend Ron for any plumbing need.

C. S. ~ Old Town Eastside Fort Collins

Ron has done our residential plumbing for quite a few years. He learned the trade from his dad and the experience shows. He’s fixed leaks, installed new water lines, changed water filters and more. Basically, we’ve never had a plumbing need that he couldn’t handle. We also appreciate his customer service. He schedules us promptly and comes when he says he’ll come. In short, we wouldn’t consider using anyone else and we highly recommend him to you!

Jim ~ Fort Collins

Ron helped us find a solution to our problem when no one else would. Our problem was not plumbing related but he stayed with us until it was solved. He was focused and professional throughout the time he spent with us. We would recommend him highly.

Bobbee Lewis ~ Fort Collins

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